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The scientific principles of human learning are incorporated into the instructional design of our programs.

What if teaching mirrored how human brains learned?

We empower educators with an understanding of why different techniques work and how they work in the classroom.

We Practice What We Teach: Learning is active, engaging, and collaborative
Next Day Application: Invigorate your teaching with science-based strategies
Advance Your Career: Get recognized within your organization and network. Earn CEU’s (Select states in USA).
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Harness the Science of Learning

What can we learn from the science of learning to refine our teaching and improve learning outcomes for our students? This program provides an overview of the Science of Learning including evidence-based teaching practices and strategies. In addition, you will develop techniques to deliver effective multimedia instruction and teach so students learn regardless of where or what you teach.

  • 7 hours over 9 Weeks
  • Next Cohort: Ongoing & Customized

Capture Student Attention

Now more than ever, it is a challenge to grab our oversaturated students' attention spans. Learn how to successfully capture your student's attention, adequately address processing speed, and unlock the gateway to learning, working memory.

  • 9 hours over 9 Weeks
  • Next Cohort: Ongoing & Customized

Strengthen Your Students Executive Function

Why are some students impulsive and procrastinate, while others have difficulty planning and organizing? Crack the code of Executive Function and unlock your students’ full potential.

  • 7 hours over 9 Weeks
  • Next Cohort: Ongoing & Customized

Teach for Mastery & Transfer

Why is most of what we learn forgotten? Why do students overestimate how well they know what you teach them? Gain a toolbox of strategies that will ensure your students remember what you teach them and can apply it to real-life.

  • 10 hours over 9 Weeks
  • Next Cohort: Ongoing & Customized

Metacognition & Feedback

Did you know one of the most effective ways to improve academic performance is by strengthening metacognition? Learn the “ins and outs” of metacognition, spend time mastering the art of embedding metacognitive strategies alongside instruction, and uncover time-saving ways to provide effective feedback.

  • 10 hours over 9 Weeks
  • Next Cohort: Ongoing & Customized

SEL, Trauma-Informed Teaching, and Student Engagement

On average 1 out of 2 children suffer from trauma globally while student engagement decreases with every year of schooling. What does this mean for teaching and learning? Discover evidence-based methods to increase student engagement and foster student wellbeing.

  • 8 hours over 9 Weeks
  • Next Cohort: Ongoing & Customized

Meet the Needs of Neurodiverse Learners

How do you effectively engage and teach your twice exceptional students? How about those with language processing disorders? Learn how your student’s cognitive profiles affect their learning in your classroom and what strategies and systems you can put into place to effectively teach your diverse learners.

  • 7 hours over 9 Weeks
  • Next Cohort: Ongoing & Customized

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