Susanna Brock

Susanna Brock

Director of Research and Development, COGx


Susanna Brock is the Director of Research and Development at COGx. She has been committed to translating findings in cognitive science into practical applications in the classroom for the last 15 years. Susanna earned her A.B. in History and Science from Harvard College with a certificate in Mind, Brain and Behavior studies, her M.S. in Neuroscience and Education from Teachers College Columbia University and her Ed.D. from Johns Hopkins School of Education. Susanna has worked as a mathematics teacher, science teacher, and learning specialist in middle and high schools in the New York City area. Susanna is also an adjunct professor and doctoral advisor at the Johns Hopkins School of Education. Susanna’s particular research interests include student self-efficacy and sense of belonging in mathematics, math anxiety, and the gender gap in math achievement.

Susanna's Publications

Reimagining Schools:
The Need for Autonomy and Humanity

Published On NGLC

Math Anxiety Hurts Too Many Kids.
Here’s How We Can Curb It.

Published On EdSurge

Who Wants a Bell Curve? The Strong Case for Mastery Learning in Math

Published On EdSurge

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