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Self Regulated Learning: 21st Century Survival Skill

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What is Metacognition?

Metacognition is thinking about your thinking.

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In order to compete in a rapidly changing and knowledge-based workforce, students must become independent, lifelong learners.

Due to automation, traditional jobs are quickly disappearing. Unfortunately, traditional schooling often prepares students for traditional jobs. However, a 21st century economy requires that employees continuously adapt and evolve their knowledge and skills. It is challenging for traditional education to keep up with the new knowledge and rapid industrial change. Today’s students will not be competitive tomorrow based on what they learn in school. Rather, the focus is on how capable they are of learning the skills the jobs of the future will demand.

Self-regulated learning is required to compete in today’s workplace. Therefore, schools must meet this reality to properly serve their students. Often, students graduate from school unaware of how they learn and without being taught explicitly the scientific principles that underpin learning. In order to compete in a rapidly changing and knowledge-based workforce, students must become independent, lifelong learners. Even at a very young age, metacognitive skills, including self-monitoring and regulation, can be cultivated. In fact, research suggests this is one of the most critical skills for any learner to possess. As students gain keen insight into their learning process, they become capable of managing their own learning. Dr. Robert Bjork and colleagues capture this process in their four essential criteria of a Sophisticated Learner.

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Researchers estimate fewer than 1 in 20 children are explicitly taught how to learn effectively while in school. Similarly, most teachers are not trained on the science of learning, which limits their ability to develop self-regulated learners.

Learn more about Bjork’s research and insights, how to develop sophisticated learners in your classroom, and the trap of mistaking familiarity with knowing in our free guide.

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