Empowering Learners with Dyslexia

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Understand the Dyslexic Mind

Dive deeper into insights on dyslexia and the COGx approach to supporting these learners.

COGx Case Studies

Review our customized approach to cases of dyslexia.

Name: Nurah

Age: 13 

Read Case Study

Name: Solomon

Age: 11 

Read Case Study

COGx collaborator Dean Bragonier speak on The True Gifts of a Dyslexic Mind

Learn about the gifts that dyslexics posses and the societal costs that we incur when school systems fail to identify these students:

Online Educator Programs

Address Cognitive Diversity (Educator PD)

How do you effectively engage and teach your twice exceptional students? How about those with language processing disorders? Learn how your student’s cognitive profiles affect their learning in your classroom and what strategies and systems you can put into place to effectively teach your diverse learners.

7 hours | $135

Module 12: Understand Cognitive Diversity for Equity

Our program, Developing Sophisticated Learners, was co-created with a team of global experts on the Science of Learning. It consists of 12 self-led modules, which are complemented with synchronous group collaboration, assignments, and workshops to support educators. Module 12 is dedicated to understanding cognitive diversity and how to target and strengthen cognitive skills to improve learning ability.


Explore this 12-module program for your faculty

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