Name: Mary Age: 16 Program GoalsTo enhance her overall learning ability, so that she can return to and complete high school. Her program primarily focused on improving her long-term memory through teaching, training and transferring of memory techniques and strategies. … Read More


Name: Hannah Age: 10 Program GoalsTo improve processing speed (output), and equip Hannah with learning tools to make her a more confident learner. Twice Exceptional Research, Insight & Our Approach COGx Visit our resource library Learn More Profile Aproach Outcomes … Read More


Name: Derek Age: 17 Program GoalsTo improve processing speed through both cognitive training and the development of efficient memory techniques; to improve verbal and written expression through the development of metacognition; to improve personal and academic organization. “Derek became more … Read More


Name: Benjamin Age: 16 Program GoalsTo improve Benjamin’s processing speed, in order to help him complete assignments faster. “Note taking has gotten better. I’m more organized and quicker. I can process information that comes in auditorily and visually better than … Read More