Twice Exceptional


Name: Vincent Age: 15 Program GoalsTo target processing speed and executive function, boost motivation and generalize purposeful behavior/habits to real-life gains. “I feel I could learn anything I set myself to learn, and I didn’t think so before training. I’m … Read More


Name: Solomon Age: 11 Program GoalsTo strengthen Solomon’s processing skills (attention, processing speed & working memory), to improve executive functioning, long-term memory, and metacognition, so that Solomon can learn with less difficulty. “I could use these techniques to learn anything, … Read More


Name: Phillip Age: 17 Program GoalsTo improve long-term memory, reasoning/comprehension skills and metacognition, so that Phillip can learn complex content more easily. “Phillip really enjoyed COGx and is excited to apply what he has learned to his studies.” Parent ASD … Read More


Name: Hannah Age: 10 Program GoalsTo improve processing speed (output), and equip Hannah with learning tools to make her a more confident learner. Twice Exceptional Research, Insight & Our Approach COGx Visit our resource library Learn More Profile Aproach Outcomes … Read More