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We offer customized solutions that align teaching to learning for mastery through the science of learning.

Why the Science of Learning?

Equip Students & Educators to Succeed

Embrace Evidence-Based Practices to Transform Teaching and Learning
Teacher & Leader PD

Your educators learn to design their lessons in adherence to robust evidence-base from the science of learning, which fosters greater success in the classroom and retention of staff trained to succeed.

Student Programs

Your students become protagonists in their learning journey. By mastering how they learn and deploying evidence-based techniques and strategies, students learn for mastery and with a sense of ownership and purpose.

Tailored Solutions

Our approach combines customized programming with expert guidance and support, giving you full autonomy to select implementation tailored to your schedule, budget and goals.

Backed by extensive research, and presented with both extraordinarily useful information and strategies , the COGx Science of Learning solutions represent the “game changing” approach that others have promised but failed to provide.
Shawn Smalley
Educator, Northern Cass School Districts
If this program were integrated into the school system, and teachers and students knew the techniques and strategies we learned, everyone would be a lot smarter!
Kevin Hatchet
WWHS Student
COGx did a remarkable job of breaking down the science of learning into digestible pieces, which allowed our educators to apply in real time to their teaching. It was amazing to see the impact on our learners who started to understand who they are as learners.
Dr. Cory Steiner
Superintendent, Norther Cass School District

COGx Award Winning Programs for Educators, Students & School Leaders

We developed evidence-based programs with the world’s leading experts on human learning. This empowers educators to teach effectively and students to learn efficiently and independently. You select which programs you’d like exclusive access to in a personalized learning platform for your school.
Developing Sophisticated Learners for Educators

Educators are far more effective at teaching what they know if they master how students learn. Yet, this formation is rarely included in per-service training or in-service training. Ignoring this does not set up educators or students to succeed. COGx closes this gap with a robust, flexible and proven program offering that can be customized to meet each organization’s needs.

Short Programs for Educators

Derived from Developing Sophisticated Learners, these shorter programs provide greater scheduling flexibility for your educators.

Introduction to the Science of Learning
Processing Information: Foundation to Learning
Develop Executive Function Skills
Teach for Mastery
Metacognition & Feedback
Teach for Belonging & Wellbeing
Distilling the Science of Learning for School Leaders

There is an art and a science to change management. To best support teachers and students in applying the evidence-based instruction through proven programs that distill the science of learning, school leaders benefit from support and coaching. In a mix of online modules and workshops, school leaders gain a high-level understanding of how students learn, the ability to be an effective advocate among stakeholders, and a toolbox of methods to support faculty.

Becoming a Sophisticated Learner for Students

Research reveals that students rely on the least effective strategies to learn. This causes students to work too hard and/or underperform. An education is incomplete if we fail to teach our students how to learn optimally. COGx closes this gap by democratizing the science of learning for students with various versions of the program for middle school through college-level students.

COGx has been devoted to translating scientific research and evidence-based practice into accessible programs. They are rigorous in their approach and committed to applying research findings and evidence with fidelity. As a result, they are making great strides in changing the status quo in education to one that embraces scientific research on learning.

Professor Robert Bjork
COGx Academic Partner & Professor of Psychology, UCLA; Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab

What Makes Us Unique

1. We co-create programs with leading experts on human learning
2.  We incorporate best-in-class instructional design (online curricula)
Priming Activities

Priming quizzes and open-ended interrogatories are used to get learners to think about the subject matter they are about to learn.

Video Micro-Lessons

Introductory video lessons are delivered by Program Leaders, while topics within each module are delivered by subject matter experts.

Retrieval Practice

To foster durable, flexible, and enduring learning, we apply retrieval strategies throughout the program, including elaboration, spacing, self-testing, and interleaving.

Classroom Application Guides

Takeaway posters are provided throughout the modules to guide the effective implementation of the concepts covered.

Discussion Boards

Each module ends with a Discussion Forum, which we highly encourage you to participate in with your peers. This is a chance to share ideas, collaborate, and provide and receive valuable peer feedback.

Alumni Practitioner’s Platform

Program alumni (Science of Learning Practitioners) can join an online platform to share resources and strategies for ongoing application of concepts and guidance.

3. We complement our programs with on-demand support (in-person and/or virtual)
In-Person PD

We offer customized workshops for your community. Organizations may select the topics of interest, duration, desired date, and format (in-person or virtual)

Application Hours

Online Coaching and collaboration sessions will be held during the program to allow participants to clarify any questions about the program content.

Expert Guidance

Program Leaders are assigned to support your learning journey. They monitor the Program and respond to your questions. You can also contact your Program Leader using the Inbox section in the left-most navigation menu.

Peer-Based Feedback & Reflection

Learners receive and provide peers with anonymized feedback on lesson plan application assignments for deeper learning.

Our Approach

Transform Teaching & Learning
For K12 School Districts
Center of Excellence Model

COGx trains and certifies a cohort of coaches in your district to become experts on the Science of Learning while providing complementary in-person PD, expert guidance, and updates to programs. Ensure a legacy of best practices in teaching, learning, and measurement.

For Independent Private Schools
Community Access Model

Your community gains access to the combination of COGx programs you select for your school. We maximize flexibility and autonomy to meet your needs. Enjoy a customizable experience designed to support and enhance teaching and learning.

Our Impact

Case Studies

Case Study - Virtual School in Florida

COGx was fortunate to work with one of the world’s leading online learning providers. Early on, COGx met with school representatives to understand the school’s culture, unique structure, and mission. During this time, we made explicit connections between their priorities and the Science of Learning.

Case Study - Public School District in Canada

COGx had the pleasure of supporting over 100 faculty members who meaningfully contributed to serving a district of 24,500+ students. We were fortunate to help them achieve their goal of training teachers in Science of Learning, a body of research on how people learn from cognitive science.

Case Study - A Private School in Connecticut

COGx was pleased to support a widely-known independent school during their expansion from a PK-8 school to a PK-12 school. COGx outlined an implementation plan tailored to bring the community together by establishing a shared knowledge and vocabulary of how learning does and does not happen.

Our Thought Partners

Shared Vision for Learning Success
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Mastery Transcript Consortium

Competency-Based Learning in Action- Hear from School Leaders

Sanjay Sarma, MIT Open Learning

Rethinking How We Teach

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