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Student Agency in Learning

Our program teaches how the brain processes information and what behaviors promote learning.

Most common study strategies used by students are proven to be ineffective by research.

Our program for adult learners and high-school students teaches how to learn optimally -based on scientific research and evidence.

Master science-based strategies for studying

Learn more efficiently and effectively.

Raise awareness of mindsets and habits

Learn from stories, short videos, experiments, personal reflection and peer collaboration.

Adopt insights from cognitive science

Learn about metacognition, neuroplasticity, emotions, mindsets, memory techniques, study strategies, and executive function skills.

Other Solutions

Learner Profile

Every learner has a unique cognitive profile, which greatly influences how they learn. The COGx learner profile, which takes about 70 minutes to complete, provides a report that includes a cognitive assessment (developed by the University of Pennsylvania medical school), a metacognitive awareness inventory and a survey. The combination of these allow us to better personalize learning and support each learner adequately.

  • Duration : Approximately 70 Minutes
  • Price: $150

Individualized Programs (In-person & Virtual)

Learning is a cognitive process. Cognition is malleable. Every learner has a unique cognitive profile.  Our individualized programs allow partner organizations to receive training in our proprietary methodology, which targets cognition, develops metacognitive awareness and teaches students to learn effectively.

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