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COGx Programs for Learning Centers

Complement your organization’s services with COGx Student Programs. Raise learners’ foundational cognitive skills and self-awareness to support other services that you provide.

Programs to Enhance Learning

Individualized Learning Enhancement Programs

Our clinical programs train partner organizations in our proprietary methodology that targets cognition, develops metacognitive awareness, and teaches students to learn effectively. Trained educators are then able to meet with students in a one-on-one or small group setting and provide academic support and skill development.

Program for Students

Our program, Becoming A Sophisticated Learner, teaches students how the brain processes information and what behaviors promote optimal learning. It consists of 6 modules of active and collaborative learning. Each module is broken into 3 chapters which take approximately 20-50 minutes to complete. The minimum enrollment is one class (20 students). For a blended implementation, your educators receive a facilitator's guide that includes lesson plans and activities. The program costs $150/student.

Group Based Study Skills Programs

Learning efficiently requires mastering evidence-based techniques and strategies essential to proper encoding and retrieval of learned information. Our program, Learn for Mastery, helps gain mastery of these techniques, along with the ability to apply these techniques with fluidity towards how students learn.

Learner Profile

The COGx Online Learner Profile is a report about an individual student’s cognitive skills, developed by The University of Pennsylvania Medical School, and metacognitive abilities. It allows educators to personalize learning and support each learner adequately.

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