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COGx Individualized Cognitive Enhancement Programs

Learning is a cognitive process. Cognition is malleable. Every learner has a unique cognitive profile. COGx Individualized Programs targets cognition, develops metacognitive awareness, and teaches students to learn effectively.

The COGx Approach

Teach: the science of learning

COGx programs include a curriculum that teaches students the scientific principles that underpin learning success. This allows students to master evidence-based techniques and strategies specific to learning and memory, in addition to raising their metacognition to become more sophisticated and independent learners.

Train: develop skill and ability

Training involves drill and practice of cognitive exercises that adapt and evolve as skills improve, which is essential to improving one’s underlying skills. Improved ability is a prerequisite to better learning but insufficient in isolation.

Transfer: generalization to real-life

The transfer component of the programs ensures the generalization of cognitive gains to real-life in a way that is individualized and meaningful to the trainee. It is important that coaching only occurs after underlying cognitive skills have been improved

What to Expect?

COGx programs are holistic, comprehensive, and customi­zed. The goal of every program is to develop students into self-regulated learners. However, every program is uniquely designed to meet the student where they are and address their specific needs. 
COGx programs develop the following skills essential to learning:
What research says about students who need support learning to learn (effectively)

We develop successful learners, which is defined by a student who can….

Why COGx?

COGx methodology is holistic and completely personalized to meet students where they are and work alongside them to improve their understanding of how they learn while developing their ability to learn independently. 


Online Programs

Becoming a Sophisticated Learner
(For Students)

Equip students with an arsenal of science-based tools that enable them master what they are taught.


Learner Profile
(For Students)

COGx Learner Profile reveals a learner’s cognitive strengths and areas of growth identify where learning may be enhanced


Developing Sophisticated Learners
(For Educators)

Invigorate your lesson planning with science-based tools that will enable your students to master what you teach.


Distilling the Science of Learning
(For Leaders)

Become an effective change agent with tools that align instruction with learning science.

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